About us

Cellgorithmics, a Chicago-based company, is developing a proprietary CRISPR/Cas9 based, genetic programming platform technology that converts cells into biological computers using DNA based instructions that read like lines of code.


A Cellular Algorithm

“Cellgorithms” are a genetic platform that can program populations of cells without the need for consistent external intervention. Direct insertion of a Cellgorithm into the cells of interest can record and control their biology to improve the yields and effectiveness of specialized cells.

Our Solutions

Cellgorithmic’s platform allows biotechnology companies (in biotherapeutics, cell-based therapies, and lab-grown foods) to understand and alleviate the molecular inefficiencies and flaws in their cell manufacturing processes through programming novel biology into every cell. Contact Cellgorithmics to begin the process of designing your cellgorithm.


Scientific Partnerships

Cellgorithmics is open a limited number of partnerships to pilot new methods of engineering processes via Cellgorithms.

Start a Collaboration


If you are interested in investing in Cellgorithmics R&D, either as a firm or an angel investor, please reach out to our CFO.

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